Thank you to everyone who applied for the 2018 Reframe Housing Competition! At this time, shortlisted applicants have been contacted and winners will be announced on November 17th at the BC Non-Profit Housing Association Housing Central Conference Conference Welcome Social. Stay tuned for an updated winners list!

We know that there are dozens of brilliant solutions out there, developed in communities and by communities far and wide. We want to help you and your organization bring these housing innovations to scale, and help you get more people into homes.  This is an opportunity to grow your impact in community and share with others across the country as we are all grappling with the challenges of creating affordable homes for everyone.

To help get you there, BC Non-Profit Housing Association (BCNPHA) and Urban Matters CCC  have partnered to launch Reframe Housing. A housing competition to help nurture innovations in community housing, from light bulb ideas to established housing ventures, from across Western Canada and the Territories.


Have you developed a unique financial model to sustain a community housing project and reduce its dependence upon public funding, or are you positively impacting communities with a unique or cost-effective housing model or product?

Perhaps you have even developed a unique approach to remediating existing housing stock for Indigenous communities, or in remote/rural contexts. We want to hear from you!

We invite everyone whether you are a social entrepreneur, a housing organization, a non-profit society, a social purpose business, or another type of organization entirely, this competition is all about achieving outcomes for people who need better access to housing.

We are open to all ideas, however, some areas of interest include:

Innovation – finding new ways to building high quality affordable homes
How might we build high quality homes more quickly, designing them around the individual needs and desires of the people we house?

Adapting with Age – ensuring homes adapt as people’s needs change
How might the homes we live in adapt as we age to ensure we can remain in the home and community that we love when our needs change?

Transforming tenure – giving the next generation a stake in a home by developing new tenure models. 
How might we rethink ownership and tenure to give young people the opportunity of a real stake in their home?

Homelessness – ensuring everyone has a home with the supports necessary to be successful and healthy
How might we work together to get people off the streets and into homes with the support they need?

People powered – ensuring those on low incomes have real choice and supports to live a healthy life
How might we reimagine our offer to give those on low incomes real choice over goods and services?


We’ve assembled a package of prize dollars to invest in your innovation/venture, professional support and incubation to help get the right foundation established, and networking to get it connected.

All you have to do is submit an application form along with pitch slide deck or video before 4:00pm on September 30, 2018.

A review committee of experts from the BC Non-Profit Housing Association and Urban Matters CCC will take the best ideas to incubate and/or accelerate in your community and others.  Prizes will be awarded based on how innovative, socially impactful and financially sustainable they are.  Winners must also require some form of investment to develop, launch or grow the innovation.



There are two categories for Reframe Housing competition submission: the Idea/Creation category and the Active Housing Innovation category.

Idea/Creation Stage

This category is for early stage sustainable housing solutions that are just getting started. You’ve got the idea, and now you need some help turning it into a sustainable, long-term solution.

  • First Place – $2,500
  • Runner Up – $2,500
  • Both include an opportunity for a 3-6 month incubation package

Active Housing Innovation

You’re an established organization that is already working in this space but you need some extra support to get your innovation to scale.

  • First Place – $10,000
  • Runner Up – $5,000
  • Both include an opportunity for a 6-12 month acceleration package

Things we want to see in your pitch slide deck or video:

  • Social venture overview – What’s your story?
  • Value proposition – How does your solution stand out?
  • Market strategy – Where do you fit in the affordable housing space?
  • Financial analysis / revenue model – Is it sustainable?
  • Team – Who are you?
  • Next steps – If you win, how do you plan to use the funding and support?

Here is an example of a pitch deck template.



Thank you to all applications for the 2018 competition. shortlisted applicants have been contacted and winners  are to be announced on november 17th at the bcnpha Housing Central Conference Welcome REception.

Questions? Contact Jen Casorso at Urban Matters

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